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Weightloss Programs

2 Great Programs In Office

1) EAT SMART: to improve metabolism and hunger control

2) EASY GO: easy to learn & easy to follow

Dr. Lucero Is Experienced in Using the Following Medications for Weight Loss.

Dr. Lucero Uses the Smallest Amount of Medicine(s) Necessary To Achieve Desired Weight Loss Goal.

We Believe That You Always Have the Right To Not Take Medicines

  • Phentermine, Adipex, Fastin, Ionamin
  • Diethylpropion, Tenuate
  • Phendimetrazine, Bontril, Plegine
  • Didrex, Benzphetamine
  • Meridia
  • Xenical
  • Wellbutrin. Bupropion
  • Glucophage, metformin
  • Topamax
  • 5-HTP, 5-Hydroxytryptophan
  • L-Tyrosine
  • AlphaLipoic Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • EFA's, DHA, GLA, EPA
  • Biocitrin, Citromax
  • Large Variety of Diet Food If Needed Great Tasting and Low Cost:

  • Chromium Picolinate
  • CLA
  • HMB
  • Glutamine
  • BCAA's
  • Starch Blockers
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Diet Health and Sports
  • Diet Health and Sports Wise
  • Diet Health and Sports Rich
  • Component

  • Pro-Amino, Protidiet
  • R-Kane
  • Promedis
  • Fruit Flavored Drinks
  • Jello special formula for dieting
  • Shakes, powdered or ready to drink
  • Soups
  • Pasta dishes
  • Cookies
  • Bars
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Oatmeal special formula for dieting

  • With Our EAT SMART Program:

    Smart Program: 1

    You can choose to use your own nutrition program like the Zone, Atkins, or Weight Watchers, but we highly recommend our patients to use our specially designed “EAT SMART” nutrition program. Our EAT SMART PROGRAM teaches you how to eat using regular food and optional diet food supplements, how to eat healthier, how to feel fuller, how to stay full and not get hungry—-and finally---how good nutrition can help beat hunger and cravings. Not only can this program minimize hunger and cravings, it can improve metabolism and energy, decrease depression, fatigue, and helps fibromyalgia. We teach you good eating habits and provide menu ideas and quick fix recipes to help during weight loss which you continue during maintenance. Because we balance your nutrition using regular food, you can still eat at restaurants and with your family. We not only help you take it off—-but our program converts seamlessly and almost effortlessly in to a maintenance program to help you keep it off.

    Smart Program: 2

    We utilize individualized behavior modification therapy. We recognize that not all patients have time or the ability to exercise. So, we will make individualized exercise recommendations if needed, wanted, and able. Patients have the option of using medications to assist their weight loss. See more about medications below. We believe the time that is spent with you is an extremely important part of your weight loss program. Every patient is different -- with different needs -- different problems -- and different solutions. The trick is to spend the time, observing and asking the right questions, and then to find out common patterns and similarities. This way we can learn why one thing works for one person and why something else works for another, and what will likely work for you. Ultimately, it is the time that we have spent with our patients which is why we have learned what works and what doesn't. And we use all of that information we have learned in the past, to help you lose that weight -- now!

    Smart Program: 3

    The first visit includes EKG, Laboratory and extensive 60 minute visit with the Physician. Our EASY GO Program is designed for the person who is extremely busy, on the go, and short on time to manage nutrition during the day. If you are on the EASY GO Program, you can still receive medications. And, there is very little information to learn on the EASY GO Program.

    Smart Program: 4

    This program is not as good at improving metabolism or controlling appetite as the EAT SMART Program. But, EASY GO Program can be very effective in helping busy people lose and manage their weight. It is the easiest program to follow. The EASY GO Program relies on our 100's of diet foods to help you with 60% to 80% of your meals. Then you can eat regular foods or restaurant foods for the remaining meals. Our diet foods that we carry are healthy. They taste great. And, when the diet is followed, our Diet Foods are very effective for weight loss.


    We use the latest scientific research


    Some patients who choose to lose weight without medications can be just as successful, and lose those extra fat pounds just as quick as patients taking weight loss medications. However, medications are utilized by most of our patients because many find the weight loss medications make weight loss easier and quicker for themselves.


    We carry many of the over-the-counter medications but presciption medications will need to be purchased at your pharmacy.

    If you find the standard weight loss medications not helpful or for some other reason you don't want to take them, we do have many other medications that may be very helpful to you. We are constantly searching for the latest in scientific research for techniques and treatments to make weight loss quicker and easier! We have medicines that work for stress eating or comfort eating.

    Other medicines we use will help a low metabolism, where a person has difficulty losing weight even if their Calories are low and they do lots of exercise. Or if you have trouble with controlling starches like bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes, or can't control sweets or salty foods, we have medicines that help these problems as well.

    The medicines we use are available to other facilities, not only to us. But, just because they are available, doesn't mean they know what medicines to try and how to use them for weight loss. The reason why we believe we are more successful with medications compared to other facilities, is because our patients, who have tried other places, tell us we are. And the reason we are more successful is because we have taken the time with our patients to learn from them what works and what doesn't. A doctor can't learn everything from the books, ultimately it is the patient that is the best teacher for a doctor.

    We use sound medical principles & Safe and effective Medications

    We provide the sensible use of medications and sound medical principles to help you with calorie control and metabolism, in order to maximize fat loss. No medicine is perfectly safe, not even an Aspirin or a Tylenol. So, we carefully monitor your health to minimize any rare side-effects which helps insure your safety. The medicines most commonly used for weight loss are as safe or safer than Aspirin or Birth Control Pills, or even Asthma Medications, when you are monitored and followed by a Health Care Professional.

    Persons should not use most weight loss medications if they have severely elevated blood pressure, history of heart problems, angina, recent heart attack, glaucoma, manic depressive psychosis or hyperthyroidism. These medications should not be used during pregnancy or lactation, nor are they advisable for a patient who is already on corticosteroids.

    In less than 0.1% of patients, these medications may not help weight loss at all, even in high doses. But, this is very rare. We pride ourselves in our ability to find medications that will work for you and help you get those extra fat pounds off now! Imagine -- in just two months you could be down more than one size in clothes and in 6 months -- be down 3 or more sizes. The future is yours to choose. And, our program is the perfect program now, for your future trimmer body and your future health. Check out our costs. You will find we are affordable. Then call or e-mail us today to get started on your new future.


    We succeed when other plans fail not only because we have 2 great programs but also because we really do care.

    We spend time with you to listen to your problems and help you find solutions. Our patients are so pleased with our service they often commute long distances to see us. In fact, some of our patients travel not only from Maryland, but from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, and one person flies from Texas just to see us.

    Our patients come from variety of backgrounds. Whether you are a stay at home Mom or Dad, retired, still in school, or are a busy Executive or VIP, you will appreciate our professional quality care in a friendly relaxed environment. Our patients find, that the extra attention and personal care is a bargain at any price.

    We believe that obesity is a disease much like diabetes or hypertension, and do not regard the inability to lose weight as a sign of weakness or a character flaw. More than any other facility, we are on the constant search and use the latest research to find medications and treatments to maximize weight loss and to make it easy as possible. We will help you find reasons and solutions to overeating or eating too much of the wrong things.

    We help you create a plan for life that will help you stay healthier, feel healthier, and look healthier fitting in to those smaller clothes.

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